OFA Lumbar Spine Support Flex


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Ofa SKU: 44 6241


The Dynamics LWS Bandage Flex stabilizes and relieves your lumbar area by its compressive action. The pressure can be individually adjusted and strengthened via elastic straps. The height-adjustable limb pad (pressure pad) helps to relieve tension in the transition area between the cross-leg and the lumbar spine (LWS) due to its pleasant massage effect.

  • Ofa Back brace ( Available in Medium, Large and XL )
  • Wear-induced (degenerative) changes of the lumbar spine
  • Acute and chronic painful conditions in the lumbar vertebra and the sacrum
  • Slight spinal sway (spondylolisthesis) & Spondylolysis (only 28 cm version)
  • After treatment of fractures in the lumbar spine (only 28 cm version) It is available in the color grey/blue. The product height is 17.5 cm on the waist and is available on the back in two different heights (23 and 28 cm).