O-motion Professional Calf Tubes ( 23-32 mmHg)


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O-motion professional calf tubes have the same features as the professional socks: extra strong compression, extra perfect fit and many more. Ideal not only for triathletes and footballers.



O-motion professional calf tubes have the same features as the professional socks. The absence of the foot part offers e.g. the following advantages:


  • All those who wish to benefit from the advantages of compression, but do not want to do without their regular sports socks­ – for example, because their sports shoes are matched to the strength of their regular sock insoles
  • Ideal for triathletes: O-motion tubes can already be worn during the swimming stage and this saves time usually spent putting on tight-fitting socks when switching to the bicycle
  • Ideal for football players: stirrup socks and shin guards can be worn in the usual way while a feel for the ball is not lost
  • Ideal for cyclists who do not require any padding of the sole
  • or all those who prefer to run barefoot in their shoes.

The sizes


b: Widest calf circumference
a: Directly above the ankle


Measure pointsMeasuring points


Circumference (cm)





b 30 – 36 34 – 41 39 – 47 43 – 51
a 19 – 21 21,1 – 24 24,1 – 27 27,1 – 31



The colours: White, Red, Blue, Black



Advantages and how you can improve performance:


Extra strong compression


Perfect sizing determined through exact measurements of the circumference of the legs


Anatomical Compression Gradient

  • better blood circulation
  • a quicker warm-up
  • more oxygen
  • more energy


Reduced Risk of Injury

  • higher initial muscle tension (proprioception)
  • better coordination
  • reduced muscle vibration
  • more stability


Faster Recovery

  • less fatigue
  • quicker decomposition of lactate


More Comfort 

  • anatomically knitted (left/right)
  • anatomically padded (toes, instep, Achilles tendon and heel protectors)
  • ultra-flat seams


Xtra Dry Fresh Yarn (with silver)

  • against overheating
  • against blisters
  • against bacteria and foot odour


How to wash your compression stockings

  • Wash before first use
  • Wash every day (max. 40°C)
  • Wash inside out
  • With commercial mild detergent (particularly suitable for compression stockings is Ofa clean special detergent), don´t use fabric softener
  • Rinse well, but don´t rub or wring
  • Air dry on a towel or in a tumbler dryer (delicates programme), never iron or dry on a radiator
  • Store in dry place, protect against direct sun
  • Avoid stockings with silicone coated grip tops being in contact with solvents, creams and moisturising liquid soap, as the adhesiveness can be badly affected
  • Maintain regular foot care and wear sensible footwear
  • Pilling is normal with textiles and no grounds for complaint
  • Never repair stockings yourself but return the damaged stocking to the specialist dealer the stocking was bought from