Gilofa Med (Hallux Valgus socks)

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Ofa SKU: MEDI-032409

Hallux Valgus special support stockings

Too tight and elevated footwear can lead to painful toe displacements in the long run. The shoes continually press the big toe into an unnatural angle relative to the other toes. With time, the muscles and ligaments are no longer able to straighten the toe. This can further cause painful inflammation in the ball of the foot and even make surgical measures necessary.

The Gilofa Med Special Support Stockings for hallux valgus combine the respective advantages of the Gilofa 2000 support and travel Stockings with a specialised toe tip. The separately knitted tip grants the big toe a great deal of freedom in respect to movement and causes no restrictions. These specialised support stockings are to be used as a preventive measure or following surgical operations.

The sizes

Size Shoe sizes
I 36 ­ – 38
II 39 ­ – 41
III 42 ­ – 44
IV 45 ­ – 47


The colours: (Black only)


Material composition

Cotton  50 %
Polyamide  40 %
Elastane  10 %