Dynamics Thumb Orthosis


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Mediline Enterprises Inc SKU: MEDI-446087

Versatile orthopaedic care 

  • initial pain relief by means of immobilisation of the carpometacarpal and basal thumb joint
  • optimum fit thanks to the individually shapeable aluminium reinforcement
  • comfortable padding


  • contusion, distortion of thumb
  • capsule/ligament lesions of the carpometa- carpal or basal thumb joint
  • post-operative immobilisation after ligament reconstruction (e.g. for skier's thumb)
  • degenerative changes to the carpometacarpal and/or basal thumb joint (e.g. rhizarthrosis)
  • chronic instability of the carpometacarpal and/ or basal thumb joint



In the following cases you should consult your doctor before using this product:

  • skin conditions or injuries in the area of application, particularly where signs of inflammation are present, such as redness, temperature increase or swelling
  • feeling of numbness and circulatory problems in the area of application
  • problems with lymphatic drainage as well as unexplained swelling


Dynamics Thumb Orthosis is available in universal design and in the colour grey/black.

  • grey/black