Dynamics Plus Epicondylitis Bandage ( Tennis Elbow)


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size system

To determine the size of the bandage, the circumference is measured at the strongest point of the forearm .

sizes Clamping circumference (cm)
1 21.5 - 23
2 23 - 25.5
3 25.5 - 27.5
4 27.5 - 30
5 30 - 32.5


Colors and finishes

The Dynamics Plus Epicondylitis Bandage is available in noble carbon and can be used as a universal version for right and left both tennis and golfer's elbow.Cutout Dynamics Plus Carbon by Ofa Bamberg

  • carbon


The DynamicsPlus Epicondylitis Bandage is based on a unique therapy concept that works specifically against the causes of tennis and golfer elbows. A large-area pelotte acts as a damping body on the forearm – it absorbs vibrations and reduces the stimulus forward to the elbow.

Medical and technical details

The DynamicsPlus elbow bandage is suitable for the following indications:

  • Tennis elbow (epicondylitis humeri radialis)
  • Golfer’s elbow (epicondylitis humeri ulnaris)