Dynamics® Knee Support Thermo


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Mediline Enterprises Inc

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The Dynamics Thermo Knee bandage supports your knee joint by its compressive effect and lateral reinforcing elements. The angora-lined knit provides a soothing warmth, especially with rheumatic complaints. The massaging silicone ring around the knee disc promotes the rapid removal of swelling.

Medical and technical details

The Dynamics Kniebandage Thermo is suitable for the following indications:

  • Rheumatic complaints
  • Contusions (contusions)
  • Sprains (Distorsions)
  • Meniscus damages
  • Wear-related (degenerative) changes such as joint inflammation (arthritis), joint wear (arthritis)
  • After operations on the knee joint (postoperatively after open and arthroscopic knee joint interventions)

It is universally applicable for both the left and right knee. Available in color skin.