Durastick Plus Electrodes - Square 4/Pk

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Chattanooga SKU: PHYSIO-42198-SQ

Durastick Plus electrodes provide comfortable and effective stimulation through the unique silver printed conductor. Flexible, yet sturdy construction offers increased durability and ease of removal.  Soft and conformable lead wire connectors offer superior grip to the lead wire pin.

The Dura-Stick Plus electrodes have a tab to position and remove them easily.


  • Quality: Estimated longevity of 40 sessions and the 1000 strands technology favours an optimal conduction of current
  • Price: the reference for electrodes on the market


  • Top: non washable fabric layer
  • Underside: metal wire microweaving and hypoallergenic gel
  • Connection: wire electrodes for all sizes or Snap CefarCompex for some models (Muscle Intelligence Technology)
  • Writeable plastic bag: write name of your patient, date of his 1st use and number of uses